Trees are a major plant in Orion Sandbox Enhanced, as they are needed to craft torches, which is vital, as well as basic weapons, tools, and armor. To cut down a tree, hit the bottommost block, and wait. Wood will gradually come away, and then the entire tree will break after that, dropping several blocks of wood.  


Trees can be either be an apple tree, which will drop apples when destroyed, or just be a... well, tree?


  • Wood
  • Apples (if apple tree)
  • Tree sapling (not always)

Planting a tree

Plant a tree so that you don't run out of wood. There is a limited supply of trees on the planet, so you need to plant more as you go. If you manage to mine all the cobblestone, dirt, sand, and clay in the world (good luck!), then wood will be your only material that you can use for the 3d printer, so learning how to plant a tree is vital. It's an easy and simple process. First, use a hoe, and hoe out three blocks of dirt placed side by side horizontally. Then water them. Put the sapling on the middle block,and it should grow into a tree soon enough. If there are blocks in the way, it will stop at the last phase and stay there until the blocks are removed. 


  • Trees are the tallest plants in the game. 
  • Like all other plants in the game, trees grow unrealistically fast.