The Sword of Abyss is a weapon in Orion Sandbox Enhanced. It is the most powerful weapon that can be crafted from a techno workshop. It is crafted with a solidium sword and an obsidian sword (can be bought at lighthouse for 25 gold ingots) with a battery, from three energy crytsals. 


The Sword of Abyss has a red handle and a giant red blade that is outlined in silver. It glows a faint red in darkness. It won't do much to light up the area, like the light sword, but can help locate you in the dark. 


The Sword of Abyss is the most powerful sword that can be crafted. It does 30 damage, has 300 durability, a speed of average, 6% critical hit chance, and a 16% chance to set an enemy on fire, unless that enemy is fireproof (fire insects, shadow zombies, etc.). Its damage means that it can one-hit a zombie, spit zombie, small insect, or zealot (very unlikely though as they will explode). On the flip side, its speed is decreased to "average," while many other swords have a speed of "high." Still, the damage makes up for that. It has 300 durability, which makes it as tough as a solidium or light sword. It requires solidium to repair it, so make sure you have a good supply of solidium handy.  


  • The Sword of Abyss is one of the, if not the biggest sword in the game. 
    • Either that, or it just has a really small handle that makes the blade look large in comparison. 
  • The decrease in speed is most likely because of the size of the sword, which would make it rather hard to handle.
  • For a sword so powerful, the Sword of Abyss has a really small critical hit chance. This is probably done to balance things out.